The directory of services is where you can store all the information about service providers including location, opening times, visitor capacity, etc. Link workers can consult the directory of services to find out the most suitable places to refer patients. 

As a link worker manager, you can manage the directory of services via 'Directory of Services' > 'Manage DoS' in the blue navigation bar. 

As a link worker, you can manage the directory of services from the patient referral pathway within the section 'Services'. From here, click the button 'Manage Sites & Services' (yellow circle labelled '1' below). 

Managing Provider Sites 

The first tab in the 'Manage Directory of Services' page shows you a list of all of the provider sites. The 'Actions' column on the right shows four icons. 

Respectively, these allow you to;

1. Delete the provider site 

2. Edit the provider site 

A pop-up will appear will allows you to edit specific information about the site. Here, the postcode is useful as it allows for the Google integration when booking patients into services. 

3. Tag specific services to the site 

This brings up a pop-up of all types of services which you can tag to the provider site. Eg. If Age Uk started offering new financial management advice, you could tag this service here. For adding new services, see section below 'Managing Services'. 

4. Select opening times for the site 

Here you can select the days and times that the service site is open.

Adding a new service site 

To add a new service site, simply click the button 'Add Service Site' (yellow circle labelled '1'), fill out the details of the site and click 'Save'. 

Managing Provider Services 

The second tab along, 'Manage Services', allows you to see all of the services that provider sites provide. You can delete services with the bin icon, or edit them with the pen icon. To add a new service, click the 'Add Service' button, fill in the details and click 'Save'.

Managing Categories

In the final tab, you can manage the type of category that the services fall into. You can edit, delete or add new categories. 

Uploading your own directory of services

If you have your own list of service providers, these can be uploaded as a bulk upload for initial onboarding and can then be maintained by the manager and/or the link worker. For information, please see section 'Data Migration'.

Directory of Services video overview 

Here we provide an overview of the Directory of Services: