The 'User Management' section under 'Local Admin' allows you to manage the users that have accounts on your Social Rx system, and register new users. 

Also in this section, you can set up user permissions e.g. if you only want a link worker to access cases from a certain PCN. For more information on setting user permissions, please the article 'User Access to Cases' under 'Local Admin'.

If you need to manage the account of a certain user, you can search by surname, first name and/or organisation (yellow circle labelled '1'). Press the ‘Update’ button (yellow circle labelled '2') to select the user to update. You can now perform a number of admin tasks on this specific user. 

Add/Edit user permissions


Local administrators can allocate user permissions to registered users. There are some quick buttons here for each of the different types of user.


Edit user info 

Click ‘Edit User Info’ and you can register if the user is activated, locked out or you can change their email address.

Update user’s organisation


If a user has been added to the wrong organisation or if they move organisations, you can manage this here. 

    You can delete the current organisation they are linked to by clicking 'Delete' next to the organisation 

    You can allocate a new organisation by selecting the organisation in the list and pressing the 'Add Organisation Link'             button.

Reset password/username

 If someone loses a password/username, the local administrator can reset and send out a new password email.

A user can reset their own password from the login screen as well.

Update user’s email address and username

 You can update the email address and username if this requires changing as shown below.