We've put together some videos providing an overview of the main ways Link Worker Managers can use Social Rx. For more information, please have a look at the user guides in our knowledge base.  

Understanding the caseload dashboard

In this video, we provide details on the main parts of the caseload dashboard, which is the main homepage of Social Rx and provides an overview of your caseload.

Adding referrals in Social Rx

We include interoperability with EMIS Web and SystmOne, so that GP's and Practice staff can refer patients into Social Rx from directly within the clinical system. Other organisations and patients themselves can also add referrals into Social Rx, via our web based referral forms. 

However, there may be times when link worker managers want to add new referrals directly into Social Rx. This is possible through the 'Book in Referral' section. In this video, we provide more details on this.

Managing a case in Social Rx

Within Social Rx, you can receive new referrals and manage your caseload in Social Rx, booking appointments; recording case notes; recording assessment and action plan data; booking services into community provider services; arranging follow up appointments; recording follow up assessments; recording outcomes data and discharging patients. In this video, we follow the journey of managing a case from referral to discharge. 

Managing and editing the Directory of Services 

Social Rx includes a full directory of services, enabling link worker teams to view, add and edit a directory of community provider services. Through Social Rx, you can maintain an unlimited list of provider service information, including descriptions, facility information, address details, contact information, available services and more. In this video, we explain how you can view, add and edit information in this section. 

Dashboards & Reports 

Our Dashboards and Reports provide an overview of population level data, in both a visual and data format. 

In this video, we provide an overview of some main dashboards and reports.