Social Rx Connect is integrated with EMIS. The integration allows EMIS users to refer patients into Social Rx from within their EMIS Web application. The integration also allows the Social Rx Connect platform to send data back to EMIS Web.  

How to refer a Patient into Social Rx

EMIS Web users can refer a patient when they are in EMIS Web. The steps below detail how the referral is completed:

Step 1: Select the patient within EMIS Web.

Step 2: Expand the side bar shown in the screen shot below:

Step 3: Click o

n the Social Rx link in the expanded side bar, as shown below: 

Step 4: The Social Rx Connect referral form will open within EMIS Web. The GP Practice, Primary Care Network and Commissioner will be defaulted and are not editable. The rest of the form will be pre-populated using EMIS data and is editable if you need to change anything. You can add risk factors and a reason for referral. The data sharing agreement must be confirmed before you can send the referral.

Step 5: If you would like to add any documents to the referral you can attach documents.

Step 6: Once you are happy with the referral press the ‘Send Referral’ button to send the referral over to Social Rx Connect.

Social Rx Integration with EMIS Web

The Social Rx Connect platform sends data back to EMIS. There are two SNOMED codes that are sent. One for patients accepting social prescribing (871731000000106) and one when a user declines social prescribing (871711000000103). Every assessment and service booking are sent over to EMIS Web for reference. The data can be seen within EMIS as shown below.

Service Booking and Assessment Data in EMIS


Patient Rejected Social Prescribing