Release Version

Social Rx Release Version –





  1. Fix – External referral booking form should link cases when the NHS number matches. This has now been fixed.
  2. Fix – The search on the caseload dashboard started searching too quickly. The auto search is now removed and a search button added instead.
  3. Fix - Caseload dashboard incorrect total at the top. This has now been fixed.
  4. Fix – Incorrect organisation details in the scheduled activities.  This has been removed.
  5. Fix – Medications visible for customers when not required. Medications is now configurable per customer.
  6. Fix – Error when saving prescription details for smoking cessation. Fix applied.
  7. Fix – Stop Smoking Services report was not the latest 2022/23 version. Version upgraded.



  1. Change – Referral form (internal and external) now has a field for referrer email. If entered, an email is sent with confirmation of the case id.
  2. Change Appointments Booking – A new feature allows users to check the appointments in Social Rx on the day of the scheduled activity. You can also add the duration of the appointment.
  3. Change – Referral Pathway – Sub Types can now be added (ask your account manager to arrange any additions).
  4. Change – External Forms (GP included) – Referral Pathway can be switched on so that users can select externally and at GP practices if required. The configuration is set in the customer configuration area.
  5. Change – Dashboards – Filterable by GP practice as well as PCN.
  6. Change - Reports – Filterable by GP Practices and PCNs
  7. Change – Caseload Dashboard – Add referral source column. Please note this only includes the source from items added in Sep 2022 onwards.
  8. Change – Application speed – The speed of selecting cases from the manager dashboard has been sped up.
  9. Change – Follow Ups and their Scheduled Tasks – They are now linked so that when you set up a follow up with a scheduled task, if you complete one, the other is auto completed.
  10. Change – SystmOne Referral form – Enhanced to allow two customers with the same GP Practice to allow the user to select the correct service.
  11. Change – Linking Cases – You can now unlink a linked case.
  12. Change -Smoking Cessation – Remove medication tick boxes and add search box.
  13. Change -Smoking Cessation – Add prescription number and tracking number for prescriptions.
  14. Change -Smoking Cessation –Add number of cases in clinics in book in referral form.  
  15. Change -Smoking Cessation – Add clinics tab to the scheduled tasks.
  16. Change -Smoking Cessation – Add warning for COPD 3 yes answers.
  17. Change -Smoking Cessation – Add area to record e-cigarettes, smoking type and years smoking.