Social Rx Release Version –




  1. Fix – Follow up completed in 'Follow-Up' section does not complete the task in View Scheduled Tasks. This issue is now fixed.
  2. Fix – Follow up scheduled appointment assigning to logged in user and not selected user. Same with calendar invite. This issue is now fixed.
  3. Fix - Download Link Worker dashboard throwing error. This issue is now fixed.
  4. Fix - Once you add one activity, the ‘Add Activity’ button disappears.  The add activity button is now visible after you add an activity. 
  5. Fix - Cannot select some smoking types.  All smoking types in Smoking Cessation can now be selected.



  1. Change – Directory of Service – Hide historic services from active list.  A new Active flag has been added to service organisations. You can mark the service organisation as active or inactive. If they are inactive, they will not show in the service search.
  2. Change – Directory of Service – Booking more than one service to an organisation. The drop down for selecting a service is now a tick list where you can select multiple services at one time to create multiple bookings.
  3. Change – Referral – Risk recording now allows notes to be added in the referral form. This then shows in the risk section within a case.
  4. Change – Scheduled Tasks – You can now complete a task without having to add a note. You can now also add a note when marking a case as did not attend (DNA).  If you add a note, it will automatically create a case note.
  5. Change – Long Term Conditions – You can now add up to three additional free text long term conditions when adding a new referral within Social Rx.
  6. Change – Schedule Task/Appointment – You can now book repeat appointments in. You can have appointments repeat daily, weekly or monthly.  This then generates all of the required appointments in one click.
  7. Change – Referral Form – Referral Pathway can now be made mandatory for internal and external referral forms. This is configurable in the Customer Configuration section within Local Admin menu.
  8. Change – Social Prescribing Goals – The size has now been increased to allow 3000 characters.  
  9. Change – GP System Integration – The decline message to GP systems now contains the decline reason within the message to make it clearer on the GP system. Examples below:
    1. Referral declined (Not appropriate) and has been discharged. Entered on Social Rx by: Local Admin
    2. Referral declined (Client contacted and declined) and has been discharged. Entered on Social Rx by: Local Admin
    3. Referral declined (Could not contact client) and has been discharged. Entered on Social Rx by: Local Admin
  10. Change – GP System Integration – Change ‘The patient has been discharged from Social Prescribing’ to ‘The patient has been discharged from Social Rx’.
  11. Change – Status Reason - Change the discharge reason from ‘Social Prescribing complete’ to ‘case complete’.