Social Rx Release Version –





  1. Fix – Provider Status and Attendance. The provider status notes, and attendance notes were being wiped and the totals not shown. They have now been fixed are now visible.
  2. Fix – Duplicate GP Practice Column in Full Case Report – Duplicate removed.
  3. Fix – External Form -  Self Referral – This was blocked when referral pathway was mandatory on the page. This is now fixed and it is not mandatory when not visible.
  4. Fix – Integration Messages – Duplicate codes are now stopped from being created. 
  5. Fix – Out come data recording size. All free text fields are now increased in size to allow full text to be added.
  6. Fix – Active Status on Accept. This was not working when Contacted or on Waiting List. When a user now accepts the case, the status will update correctly.
  7. Fix – Deleted/Archived outcomes visible. The deleted outcomes were visible in the patient experience dashboard. They have now been removed.



  1. Change  - GP Data Sharing Option – This can now be set in the Edit Referral Form to stop a case being synced to a GP system.
  2. Change –Interoperability after registration. When a case is added outside of a GP system, it is synced after registration. The SNOMED codes are now recorded ready for sending once the sync occurs.
  3. Change – ONS4 – Remove Totals – Totals have been removed from the Assessment Reports and the integration messages.
  4. Change – Case Report – Spelling mistake corrected in Communication report.
  5. Change – Link Worker Caseload Dashboard. Add clear filters button to link worker dashboard.
  6. Change – GP Referral Forms – Remove the CCG text box.
  7. Change – New Discharge Status Reason – Duplicate Referral has been added as an option.